Portrait of Lauren Hutton 

Author of the book Becoming Sar`h 




Becoming Sar`h Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton’s life fell apart at the age of thirty. She lost her husband, her career, and her father. When the future looked dark, Hutton turned to her past for inspiration. 


There, she rediscovered the true love of her life. It wasn’t another person. Instead, this love was Sar’h, the voice of Hutton’s own soul. Sar’h had been speaking to Hutton for years, but she kept trying to tune her out through antidepressants, drugs, and overwork. 


As Hutton gradually realized Sar’h’s identity and purpose, she began to reconnect with a part of herself she had long thought lost. The pressures of adulthood, career, and relationships had stifled the creativity and curiosity she had cherished as a child. Hutton rediscovered her old passions—and now she shares her spiritual and metaphysical knowledge with you.








Becoming Sar`h 2  Thirty days of self-love



Cover painting for Maurice Kok`s book

The journey of an acended master called Kiora Amo

























Being a Master is all about getting to know yourself, trusting yourself, and opening yourself to the dark and bright sides of you. This story is about my life -Maurice Kok-, my path to find myself and to integrate all that I was, am and would become. From the day I came back to this Earth, I've had interesting experiences in this physical form and I want to share these without holding back. I share what was in my mind and how I faced this hell of a ride into becoming one with myself and realizing my enlightenment when I was 23 years old.


From the Journey of an acended 

master called 

Kiora Amo 


Maurice Kok

Artwork for

Muriel Shickman`s

Soul Ship

Upcoming book

Muriel Shciman

Is a healer shaman and musician and author 

This cover is made for her upcoming book


Soul Ship.


"Ahoy! The year is 2112 and the ship is ready to sail. I have been with Gaia since the formation of planet Earth and have taken many forms and lived many lifetimes. In 1974, I arrived at my final human incarnation and I am now 138 years old. There is only one thing I have left to do--share my story of embodied enlightenment, and the pioneering of a divine knowing of consciousness within the matrix of humanity and all life everywhere, in all worlds, and all dimensions across time and space. All aboard!"



Earlier this year she released the book




"Dreamweaver falls asleep during story time with her Grandfather, and her adventures lead to personal realizations as she moves deeper into the Dreamtime. She begins to remember who she is, and how she has interwoven her future and past within her present. She meets and converses with her Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and the Archangels. Though this journey happens during only one night’s sleep, its power transforms her, and she is never the same." 



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