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To talk freely

It is everyone's right to talk freely, To say whats necessary to say and to be free to express themselves.

Lately, I have felt the urge to just feel free in my way to express myself, I don't know for how long I have been shut down, not allowing myself to feel free to be in my true flow of speaking. I have been threatened and been told to just listen without answering - as if the one doing this, have the full right to be in control to what ever is discussed, I understand that in a way I have co created this. I have also been eye rolled at, for bringing forth my truth - I have been told to not speak about certain things because it feels scary to them that is living in fear of the flow of my inner wisdom. I have been attacked and punished for my way of seeing things. I have even been asked if I am stupid. I know that you that read this also have felt peoples fear as you speak. This pattern is anchored all the way back to the childhood - in schools and in society. It is time for a change. I will not co-create more of this.

A wild flame of truth has been raising in me and my voice to speak up lately, it is sometimes shaky and sometimes just a wonderful release of a flow that has been stuck for a long time. It is so opening and I truly don't care how the other is perceiving what I got to say. I can openly and directly say what I feel is appropriate to say, I`m not being an asshole. I am aware of my natural way of being in compassion. I have no more excuse for saying what I want to say anymore, sometimes I feel better waiting for my clarity. And I also don't have to say a thing, often I don't, especially when I feel that people are playing a game. Sometimes the "not going there" is the best for me.

I can feel how this is helping me to adjust into my whole self in a smooth and different way. Awareness on how we express is golden.

More and more often I feel the humor arising between me and friends that are openly sharing deeper things about life, I finally don't shut down whats necessary to tell. I don't care if the humor can offend a bit with those making a big deal out of little, In my experience, it can make a perception shift, so why hold back?

I recognize that I have a lot of cheeky humor as well as a deeper understanding of things as I allow me to be present with my voice, all that I`ve been holding back in fear of sounding offensive is now allowed in the name of humor. I don't care if many are rolling they're eyes about things I say or if I make them laugh of me for different reasons. I used to care about that.

I just give a damn about if people don't like me for what I`m saying. It is ok.. it is time to be totally in my truth. Even if my truth is fluidly moving to newer wisdom.

It is time to be free, to speak up for no other reason than being free to do so.



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