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To be true to you - is the best you can do

No one really knows who you are.

They perceive you from their own perspective, here the other day a neighbor was having a cup of coffee in my garden, it was wonderful sunshine and lots of birds singing in the trees, I took some time to listen to the bird sounds in that moment I went inwards to listen. All of a sudden he said: You are so superstitious.

Oh, am I? I asked back.

Yes, you are he said and looked down into his coffee mug.

Instead of confirming or denying what he said I just looked at him and smiled but I wondered why he even said that?

I did not care to say anything I sipped my coffee and continued to listen to the birds.

We had a conversation break and I Could feel that he did not like the silent break. It was maybe his way of finding something to talk about and he took his first thought out and projected it on me.

Lately, I have noticed that after many transformations, I am more and more aware of me being in my own truth and is not as often tapping into any others truths.

It doesn't matter if the other have experienced inner journeys "more" than me or not as I don't compare myself to others.

I am very aware of my own thoughts and knowingness these days.

Someone close to me is having a break down these days. It is nothing I can do for him as long as he doesn't want me for support. I respect and accept it. It is his way to his own inner truth. I honor that, and in my knowingness, I know he will find all the answers in himself.

All we can do when others are having a rough time is to go gently with that person. It is important even how you think of the other as thoughts make a grid and manifest in our lives. To me it is important to stay with me as much as possible to create from what I am - And let it flow on, in my physical life.

To be in my truth is the most important thing for me. To listen to my own wisdom is alfa omega to me. It is the world out there that have lots of agendas. I am not an agenda fan.

I am fluidly changing and shifting from what I was to what I can become, and I need all of my self on this journey.

My dream is that everybody will feel the flow of freedom that comes from within us. True happiness and joy come from feeling safe with our self, at least that's my experience.

To be true to me is the best I can do, even if my truth is expanding and changing, this way we can move mountains.

I know it - because I have experienced it.

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