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Healing and healers, putting your intention/ will up on others.

I just saw a video on Facebook that reflected a lot of what I have practised with clients the last or four or five years or longer. That NOBODY needs to go and get healing from anyone else, that everybody has all that it takes to go back to alignment with themselves. Hands on healing are so outdated. so how do I practise healing sessions with clients?

I am just reminding them about how to breathe and to allow, in a session the client is doing all the job themselves. I really don't like to have a client for a long time, I like to have new clients all the time as they grasp it very fast. They that come back just love to play in this energy together with me.

The lady on the video talked about looking at people as if they need healing is the same as seeing them as powerless to heal themselves. This is why I felt compelled to write about it here instead of sharing that video. I wouldn't use the words like she was chosen, even if the essence of what she`s saying in that video is exactly what I feel is my truth as well.

I know it to be true that everybody has the power to heal everything themselves.

I am so happy that I have been connected to Crimson Circle`s cloud class about BOC. ( The Bodey Of Consciousness) For you that have no idea about what that is about, but would like to hear about how to truly heal yourself, I suggest that you go into Crimson Circle store and buy that cloud class. It contains everything that you need to know about your own healing system. No techniques, no other way to do it but being present and aware as you breathe and allow, until you are flowing in your own divine core love. When you reach the level of the I AM, you can feel how things easily change and dissolve. As you flow in the golden river inside You are in the I Exist. The God source.

Nothing has helped me as far as my own Bodey of Consciousness when it comes to healing. All my time in mysteries schools and my own old teachings has gone out the backdoor. All I need to do is to allow. And to listen. It is from the BOC I dream walk as well, as I have been writing about in previous blog posts.

Nobody needs your healing, No one needs to be fixed it is just a game for money and for energy feeding.

To see someone as some that need to be healed is the same as degrading them as victims, You actually agree to that something is wrong with them. the healer has the need to fix or save the world is often the one that needs their own healing the most. The one that wants to be healed often have doubt in her/his own power to get through things alone, sometimes it can be very helpful to be supported, but nobody can take the journey for someone else. The greatest healers are those that can show others that it is possible to go through it all by oneself.

To me, the best healing is often to go against my resistance If I know I need to walk in nature but try to find excuses to not do it. I just do it. My whole energy shift as I just go out in nature. it is often when you don't let the resistance win, that you open up the flow again.

An another thing I like to do to heal myself is to listen to every feeling I have to feel the feelings, to feel the joy or the sadness or anger or resistance no feeling is wrong. All feelings are there to tell you something. When you feel the feelings instead of listening to your mind on, you will heal lots of mind patterns and in the same time you will learn how to listen to your body.


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