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Dream walking one of the ways my soul speak to me

Many years ago I went to a mystery school in Oslo where we basically were doing soul to soul readings through the third eye.

After one-year training of constantly being aware of the psychic abilities, a life with an open inner vision sense was manifested. not always very pleasant and often very useful.

This days I experience that dream walking is one of the languages that my soul being is communicating to me through.

It can be a whole film with both eyes open, always colorful and not always that I get the meaning of it , it has been so normal to me that I can sit in the car driving very focused on the road in the same time as I am dream walking and singing along with the music in the car. ( Multitasking) in Shaumbra language it is called Merabh, from the ascent language of the Lemurians.

My dream walks can be intense and like a short film that is telling a story from the beginning to the end. Often I know how things will end . a few days later a dream walk is physically manifesting into my life, as a series of happenings and even if this physical happenings can be intense I will always know the end result IF I can manage to stay present in my I AM as things are happening around me.

My soul see this physical happening in a much more multidimensional level, in the physical it is experienced in a very different way..

My human self is constantly learning the benefits from seeing it from a whole new and quite different perspective.

I find it more and more amusing to be connected with my soul potential, I truly always gets blown away of how easy things manifest with my soul leading the way.

It has been worth the whole journey, I fall more and more in love with the true self - as I get to know more and more how things work in many more levels of my being.

I am truly just here for the physical soul experience.


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