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RelationSHIFTS - Human stuff.

It is a time where lots of energy is moving internal and external, some friends from the past are showing up again and others are disappearing to reach new levels in themselves.

Kids don't play in the same sandbox all the time, it is necessary to change and to let people just go.

I seem to be many that are experiencing relation-SHIFTS this days, not only friends, but lovers, family members. People are used be hiding behind their partners or stay "safe" in their friendships so they can gossip instead of dealing with their shit, It is normal I see it all the time I have also done that until a certain point.

For me, I recently had an experience that woke up just that.

It started around Christmas times, that I was confronted with a woman I used to look a bit up to,

"Now, how to do something about this? my soul must have been asking me" .. Ok let her see it herself.

A big set up of energy was showing me clearly that I had no reason to look up to anyone, I was confronted by this woman that looked like a goddess as she spoke out the load on social media, she showed me something very different on the private arena.

The way she wrote and expressed her love for the humanity did not exactly fit the human to human connection I wished to have with her. I wanted to connect and invite her into my life as I found her gentle and brave and profound. In real life, she had struggles and issues just like me and anyone else. I also had to dive deeper into me to take a look at where I had a lack of trust in myself.

People that make you feel negative about yourself is probably not the right friends, but thankful as I felt I knew that her perception had nothing to do with me. She fell down from the pedestal I had put her on, and I had to go deeper within myself to embrace me more and more I am thankful today.

It is important to be your own best friend, FEEL THIS

.. Your own best friend?

How can you be ... Ahh of corse, it is you you are living with, it is you-you are melding with, it is all about you, all the time - you just HAVE to be with you, if you don't choose to be divided instead.

I am sure you don't.


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