• Woohoo wo-man

To let it come to me

It`s incredible to let the energy just come to me, It is just like it is all arranged in the right paste of time. As you do; It also always serve the persons involved.

Like never before I understand the saying; Let the energy just come to you, I allow this in my practical life. I have always been a sensitive one, one that is aware of the layers in an energy level as well as on the physical level. I can easily see, feel, sense how energies can serve me or work against me I can also see this outside myself.

Trusting this can be so fun, like when the feeling I had before driving, that something could happen with the car on the journey.

I was in eager to go away for a weekend further into the country to visit my Friend. I had just been selling art so I had good money on my bank account. The way to my destination was about four hours drive. most of the way is far out in the country side without gas stations and houses just wilderness and a straight road.

After about three hours I made the turn to the valley she lives - and there it is a little town.

All of a sudden my car totally died. Right outside a garage a few minutes before they closed the door for the day. I had the car in the garage and my friend had to pick me up at the garage 45 min later. They would use a few days to get the car fixed.

Three days later the car was ready and I could cover the bill with some of the money from the art sale.

I could tell a lot of stories about how this just works. Recently I had to start thinking about painting my house before the autumn. I bought a house from a sale of my farm four years ago. I wanted to get rid of all loans from the bank to start to live as freely as I could without serving the bank but to turn that around. I wanted to let the bank serve me instead.

So I sold and got a new and much more simple place to live, I got rid of all loans and bought the house and the car with the rest of the sale money.

I visioned that I would love to let people come here to stay out in nature for some time if they felt the need to connect deeper to themselves. So I made a guest room in the house and space to allow them to fall into themselves easier with help from the surrounds.

Instead of charging money for a stay I would say yes to any kind of physical help to get this place more and more beautiful by allowing them to create freely here, This way I have made many changes here as I have allowed everyone to flow freely. We eat lots of good food and is drinking wine and having so many fantastic conversations, I also make many deep and beautiful connections with people.

Right now I am helped to paint this house and the outhouses And I have not even asked to do that. They have been coming up with the idea themselves. All I need to do is to say yes to the ideas and to buy what we need to have for the project. right now we are finished painting the outhouses.

We are starting today to make a terrace on the entrance. A few years ago I was fully helped to make a wonderful house for my chickens and to remove fences between the forest and my garden.

I love traveling and this winter I will rent a lovely apartment in Turkey right by the beach to write my book. This apartment also just came to me easily without any kind of force I chose and it just comes to me. This is also very important when I sour into my beingness I flow with whats coming to me.

This is how I am served by the energies of my soul, and my soul also let people being served well.

I make a choice and I flow with it.


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