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To be Self centred

It is a shift going on; I can feel the thoughts in the air about being self-centered. Centered in self, whats wrong with it? As I see it, It is the best you can be at this time to be centered in self.

Full of your self - Have you heard it been directed to you? That's a good sign; Then you made it.

Who else should you be full of? Feel it; Maybe It will bring a smile up on your face.

Only thinking of yourself first, is often said by those that are used to feed upon others energy, they will say it in a way to make you feel bad about yourself for taking care of yourself, to find back to the time where you were holding the energy for them. Just let them go. It can also be said of those that are getting ready to go within to be more with them self at this time, YES to that.

It is so important to listen to self, to trust in self, to fill yourself up with all that you are, to be compassionate to self, to BE with yourself, to be your own best friend. To be willing to know all about yourself. Good and bad. It is the only way that you can embrace another human for who (S)he is. It is the most amazing way to be in to offer support to them that have discovered the beauty within.

This allowing is the key to live fully in a world where everybody is feeling the shifts into newer and higher frequencies. It is the key to not go into lots of drama and swirl out of self.; It is a yes to the transition we need to do to live our truths. To be willing to live more centered into self - is the same as saying YES to live from love. To fill yourself up with all that you are. The center in you is all LOVE. It is the same as having acceptance/ compassion for whatever you are at this moment, what you have been and what you become. It is a big difference from doing this in an egoistic way to gain power over other people - then going within and embrace all that you are - to take back whats yours.


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