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Knowingness is something very different than beliefs. The Knowingness is an inner field of knowing whats real; beliefs is the other system that put you in the group consciousness. Beliefs are based on a mental conception and knowledge is based on what you know to be your truth from a place within.

In our knowingness, we have this pull from the inside that tells us whats right for us or not. I can always feel if something said resonates with me or not.

I am learning things from my soul every day even when I don't feel her around.

She is always there more and more embodied.

Not so long ago I had a client, the client forgot to send payment for the session, My normal doing is to go and whisper to her telepathically: did you forget? This time it didn't work.

I asked my soul to go and whisper to her. My soul picked up my phone and wrote her a message.

The lady had forgotten, and the result was that she paid for two sessions so she could have one later that day.

It is happening on all levels. My soul has embodied, and I have no more a separation from my human self and my soul self. Some days my soul is the one behind what I`m doing and sometimes my human is.

My soul loves to write, and my human loves to step aside to rest and to learn.

These days I am gathering with a much grander part of me, The final part of me called God.

Here in the, I Exist everything comes to life, and as it does...

I smile.


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