• Woohoo wo-man

The human and the master.

The way my soul speaks to me is deeply moving and touching. Very few have talked to me with such clearness and wisdom and love as she does.

The love pouring from my soul to my human self is tremendously beautiful.

As all she wants me to know is how deeply she loves me and how much she wants to create with me.

I have embodied much more of me. Last night was such a night, with her that called me her beloved.

I can also see it on whom I attract and of what energy that also come in here to leave again in my physical reality. Maybe not too easy to be seen and heard. I know a lot about it.

Here the other day, I had a phone call from one that i haven't been in contact with in a year or so. She is used to feed off my energies, she constantly talks about herself.

It is non-stop talking about all the pain she has and how she has suffered in her life, The story is long, and have lasted for many many years.

She refuses to open to listen to what I want to tell her, in that way she stops me from seeing things from my angle, She wants me just to hear and not to say a word. What I say is simply too much for her. She wants me to take her feeling and process it with her.


Hell NO.

I started to feel the old drained feeling that day on the phone, So I told her that I had to go, and I hung up before she could start the feeding. That made a huge shift in me and my consciousness it was that simple as a NO.

Something I wouldn't do before I made a conscious choice of no more feeding. No more vampires. From me to others and from others to me. I do not care if it is an old friend or a family member I truly give a shit about whom it might be. I have no responsibility for anyone else but myself.

Last night the last energy ties went off between her and me. And it was because of this I got this wonderful meeting with my soul self, So much LOVE, and so much JOY.

Nothing else but me meeting the

grander me.

In the same time some important people in my life, come back in new and beautiful ways. It is the one that gave me a hard time before I got it.

Five years ago I experienced a dramatic change that made me fall totally apart. I had to peel off all layers of pride. I had to go through fears and stubbornness; I had to feel into the deepest layers of how I used my knowledge to have control. I was shown with hush control right on my face, from my own Son and my daughter in law, it was also a learning for them and their feeding patterns. As it was to me.

I will not tell the story here because it doesn't matter. What matters is that Love was the key to release it all, and to fully let go of wanting to save anyone from ... WHAT ?

Themselves ?

It is hilarious. YES, it is. ( The darkness is hilarious )

And it is how the mind operates together with an inner knowing, a cocktail of truths and lies, mixed with not living the truths.

One day he just exploded in my face; I was so shocked, I had always thought him to be polite and not to get angry. And I am SO GRATEFUL for it today, which he gave a fuck about this fearful in-doctrine I had given him.

It is entirely ok to be angry.

I get it today, and it gifted me even if it took some time to let go of my inner conflicts as victimhood, grief, wounds as distrust in myself, and the list is long.

We are where we are at, at all times; It is ok to be a human. And even more ok to co-create with the divine nature of what we are. The silent and wise master self.

The Soul.


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