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Magical Merlin Moments with my granddaughter.

Ever since I knew about Emiie was on her way in her mothers womb I felt so visited by her, I knew she studied me at the same time it was a topic in the Crimson circle shouds.

I remember Adamus said that; be open to the new energy children coming they are here to study you and to get to know you on a deeper level. And I could feel her often I even could see her sending me images not words, she came when I went to bed a night .

This was in late 2011 early 2012. Emilie is born in April 2012.

I live far from her, it is eight hours drive so I cannot be there every time I or she would like to.

So when we are together all my attention goes to her and her brother Alfred.

This summer they came to me for a few days as they do in the summertime visiting all the people from my son`s part of the family.

The last stop on the way home is here with me as it is half on the way home to the Island they live on in the western part of Norway.

We had fun all day with painting on stones and playing outside as I live in the forrest it was delicious for Alfred to remove his shoes and run around barefoot and to pick blueberries for a snack. Alfred have this passion for food and is clapping his hands every time he smells dinner.

Emilie is constantly playing with dolls and loves to be a mother for them.

The last night they were here I was sitting by Emliie`s bed as I alwyas do, I told her a story straight from my soul. As I find it boring to read books - I love to make up stories in the now. It is amazing how this stories ends, it is always a surprise to me.

This evening it came a story of the world of the fairies. it was about the little fairy called Circleline that has a yellow dress, the dress was made of the petals from the yellow flowers and her friends had different colors. at daytime as the first sun rays came, magic happened they all transformed into butterflies so they could fly around from flower to flower to play.

Sometimes not so often, they found a human they would love to fly on - to smell the fragrance and to play in their hair to make magic of light. But only to humans that wanted it in their hearts.

One morning as Circleline waited for the first sun ray she saw all the other fairies being magically transformed but not her. ( I saw a big questionmark on Emilie`s face as she didn't see this coming ) Circline felt awful and alone and she was sad as she felt all alone, now all her friends was flying around as butterflies and she was left alone with a yellow flower.

She looked down at the flower and said why didn't I transform this morning . Oh the flower said; you will discover something new. Dont fear Circleline, you will be changing your dress to get to know a new colour. Do you see that blue flower over there ? Yes Circleline said. call on it, and it will come in a magical way.

She called on it and a beautiful fairy came to her in a blue dress.

Oh hello there.

Meet my friends.

And a huge group of blue bell flowers came to her and surrounded her with a fresh new style and with a brand new fragrance.

Now she had a yellow dress with blue skirts outside, and all of a sudden the evening came.

The moon was full,

and everything seemed blue and when the moon rays shone on her she magically transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

She flew softly around and landed from flower to flower and all of a sudden she saw a little girl falling asleep in her bed.

Oh... Circleline thought to her self. I want to play in her hair.

"Emilie looked at me and she could feel something in her hair in the same moment. I said yes it is there Emilie"

And Emilie felt it, and then she fell asleep.

The day after we went out to play and as I sat with Emilie and Alfred I saw a butterfly on a yellow flower I pointed at it and I said to Emilie Look It is Circleline.

Emilie looked at me with big eyes and this moment was magical for real.

I went gently with my finger and the butterfly jumped from the flower to my finger, and I sat it in Emlie`s hair.

In this moment I felt a new trust , and I know that Emilie felt so special and most of all I knew that when I told her this storie.

Emiie made the choice and told Circelline that she wanted of all her heart to be touched by the fairies.

And she did . And I did .

A Magical Merlin Moment.


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