• Woohoo wo-man


In the nothingness, a lot is happening. In the nothingness, it is not important how I feel or how I perceive anything because I am in the nothingness.

In the nothingness, all is like it is. I do not need anything to happen or to be this or that.

I just accept the now moment as it is right now.

It is a floating chill state of being where all is just in the ISness.

The day is unplanned I don't know a thing about what will happen in the next moment I just allow everything to be as it is flowing with whatever. If the phone rings, I will answer if the flow takes me to the store I will go - I am all here just floating in the nothingness. In this state of being, I will have a lot of unexpected things done. As this writing coming from nothing, and everything.

I have no need for having a mental subject to ponder on or a dream to fulfill or something to arrange I am just at this moment feeling whatever comes to the surface. I feel nausea, and I don't do anything to stop it, I just feel it, and I allow it to go in what direction it needs to go.

I breathe into it accepting it as it is just as important as any good and lovely feeling. It is here right now.

I got an email today from a friend He said the words nothing. That was it. I got another email from another friend he explained that he was invited to many different things but felt like just sitting down in his chair and look into the fireplace. In other words, he said that he wanted nothing specific to happen.

I am experiencing nothingness on a vast level right now as a broad space being there for me just to experience nothing.

The nothingness invites me to fully let go of whatever I need to let go of -

What a beautiful soul set up nothingness is.

From my experience, nothingness is the end of something old and the start of something brand new.


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