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Thank you 2017

Thank you 2017 and thanks to everyone of you that have been with me on my journey this year.

A year that for me was nothing like what Adamus predicted.

He said that 2017

would be a boring year for us.

An awaiting year.

And I had the most extensional year since I was a little girl.

The trust in the self curve, was going all the way into the physical as I was painting for Maurice Kok`s book, and then for Lauren Hutton`s next book.

I had to honestly step aside to do figurative paintings all out of nothing.

I have not been drawing at all since I have told myself too many times that I cannot make a drawing.

I was a kind of an dimensional abstract artist and the book illustrations challenged and changed me forever.

I am acutely aware that I am a soul lead human not a mind lead one.

So again I had to trust my soul to draw with the painting brush.

This year I was surrendering to my inner star,

I have committed to even more expansion in flowing with my creativity and to trust myself even deeper.

I have traveled to Australia and meet beloved sisters and seen a lot of a land that I have kept in my heart. As I was sitting in the car with my friend, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing, from a cell remembrance as we were driving through the older part of Adelaide city.

I remembered a time there with a heartbreaking love story, this little short trip around the city healed a broken part of me .. just like that.

I also couldn't stop my tears from flowing on the little airplane as we were flying over the desert in the Northern Australia to be with Uluru. The beauty of the trees and the landscape made me cry from admiration to our beautiful planet.

We was there shortly after the time of the "Rainbow serpent" when the water made the way into the desert and made the Uluru Violet. It hadn't happened in about thirty years.

We wandered the land in different locations for three days.

We sang we were guided by our divine inner selves and this

trip also made a massive change in me.

I traveled to Holland shortly after and met with many other Shaumbra family. And again I was moved to my core as I was flying home. What is it with this spiritual family that I cannot find in any other human connections?

I know - I know,

when we sit together we recognize the love in each other,

We understand a whole lot more of what we are,

It is so relaxing and so opening up to deeper levels of our consciousness it is clear that we are on a journey together where we do understand each other,

This is not a daily experience for someone called: Shaumbra.

We are used to a certain kind of aloneness.

2017 is the year where I was making a conscious change to let myself to release myself from the groups I have been in, To stand in myself at all levels entirely.

This was done together with a little bunch of same soul level people.

Not so many more linear energies for me, Or not even so interested in being a follower as I have embraced many bigger parts of myself.

I am now just in and out of the sharing I do with a smaller bunch of embodied masters.

I don't know If I can call it a group or a gathering site far out of the Facebook group world.

To me it is to be more like a quantum space,

where we all of us experience things differently and for others similar.

This year has for me been like freeing myself from the underlying feeling of competition and the feeling of comparing myself to those I have been thinking is better than me.

I am gathering with the master inside.

I am more and more just going with me these days, it is where my most significant interest is.

This year I did indeed understand the gift of not knowing too much but to be my knowingness embracing the simplicity of being just me.

Flowing from the one moment to the next, I created my life like this for the past couple of years.

And I was uncertain and afraid at the time as I was letting go of the study part of me.

I surrendered it and I now I finally enjoy the freedom of it.

I truly still do not know what to do with it.

My teachers are my integrated aspects and mainly myself.

I am grateful for 2017, and in human time this year is going out the door and a new year is on the threshold. I have no idea what to meet; next, I am just here experiencing it all.

I welcome the sun to lead me in this new year.

I feel blessed, and I feel good, and I feel the eternal flame in my heart that makes me soft together with the moon child in me that has lots of humor of it all.

Much more love to come.


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