• Woohoo wo-man

When I though that letting go is to let things go they are not

What a gift of realization this morning. so good to know this.

I am in the joy of painting. I have not had the gut to paint for some time so many things have been taking me out of the space of painting I was waiting for guests this summer, the weather has been fantaistic. A real Indian summer in Norway, yes so many things have been in the way for painting. Because painting for me is a way to go deep within myself, sometimes fully silent and sometimes with music and the sound of something cooking out in the kitchen. But almost never in company, of others.

I am in the art-flow again and this time I find this flow so much grander than before as if I have been letting go of trying, I am just doing - and the joy.. oh (wo)man.. the joy of this particular painting process is strong. One idea is taken the other, the feeling I have is as if I am with my grand self. It is expansion all the way. My soul is filling the room, together with other souls that is on the same vibe. I am taking my place these days, my place on earth. Feeling my passion brewing through colors and movements small talk with my self and many smiles.

So now to the clue of this post.

Let`s go back to the sentence - As If I have been letting go of trying.

That is not true. I haven't let that go.. I have allowed it, I have accepted it so it dissolved right in front of my mind. I did never let it go. I integrated isn't that just a pearl of widom? ( Master is laughing) Eiril is scratching her head Because how much energy have I spent to let things go ? and where did it go ? LOL It went straight back to trying.

Wow wow

I feel good, I feel fine I feel more than in a long time.


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