• Woohoo-wo-ma

Blending the master and the human self.

Lately has been quite beautiful, around a week ago I went fully into the integration of my master self. In my inner world, it happened on the bench of all places.

Since then I don't feel me calling for my own assistance or calling for my soul. It is all up to me - fully and wholly. I listen to within without calling for it. I feel that I have blended with my soul's voice. I feel my mind as a one-way track instead of having all this mental traffic.

(I remember Adam-US also explained this with this metaphor once)

In the morning I now go within to feel me and to feel the balance and the calm as landing softly into me. Before it was going into the mental world, scrolling on Facebook, making coffee and slowly starting the day. now the day starts with connecting landing and doing. And of course, checking out FB and making my coffee.

I feel heart lead.

What happened?

Enough was enough.

It just happened after making a decision to remove parasites in my belly by stopping eating sugar.

( most of our diet is sugar based or even get transformed into sugar)

Together with a dear friend of mine we just went for this. We`re on day 12 and It feels like my body is enjoying this a lot. I even went to the doctor to take samples of my poo, waiting for answers to see what's there. I am not so much thinking about it, I am just conscious about what I put into my mouth I am making my own spices and is making the best food I ever have made, my energy leveled up a lot and my insights keeps on flowing within me. My dreamwalk state is very clear and I feel determined and alert. I feel my passion. I have days with intense sadness I have also felt my old depression state coming up from the inside, I allowed it to be transmuted while cleaning the floors. I have felt the total joy of finding fruit in the store that I really wished we had here in Norway but don't, but has this fantastic seeds that help the parasites to leave. All are lined up for me everywhere. It is about the flow of moving forward all the time with my body, without plans on what doing next. In this state, The Flow - the constant moving forward. It is what it is about, not getting stuck just flowing, detaching and flowing again.

This journey is just beautiful. The bridge that is so much talked about - Is to me - the bridge between the mind and the heart.

Now Grounding safely.

Because I am taking my body with me --> wherever I go.


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