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Ask and its given

Duality has crumbled within me, and I am no longer for or against.

Not fighting for any rights, neither am I taking sides. 

Just floating in the I am, accepting whats here.

It is so simple, many would say, you have to care for this or that?

 In this state of being, I am caring for the wellbeing within me, feeling the softness of my whole nature, floating with the stars inside of me breathing into the space of no space. Safe and sound. 

But don't you care for a case? 

I care for the balance within, with freedom from drama, and as I do, I discover many more potentials. 

When a distraction is dying, something new is being born. 

My opinions were a shadow that made me continuously search for the truth. 

I also degraded someone or admired someone else. Now it is all living as an integrated aspect within my heart; others will call this a facet of the diamond within. I just call it taking myself in. 

It is so much freedom in not taking sides in just allowing the free flow of this moment to the next.

 It doesn't mean I don't have boundaries or appreciate values.  

It only means that I quit making a big deal out of things. 

But how do you do that?

I stopped bringing in the past.

I stopped being a victim of what had happened to me; instead, I saw it as a big gift given to make me change my mindset. It all happened when I indeed was able to understand that I was the creator and could take full responsibility; at that moment, my "dark" side came out of the closet. The surrendering to this became a celebration of merging with such a potent vibration of what I am. 

My human cried and laughed at the same time, falling so deeply in love with self. Holding dancing and embracing myself. 

I haven't felt alone, even if I am living alone, pretty remote. And now, I think life gives more excitement than challenges. It was not always so. 

 So much is dissolving these days, and so much has changed over time, it is time for me to open up to share about what I call the merging with the universe within. ( The I AM ) 

 I can be a giant, and I can be a small dancer, often wearing a big smile on my face. This energy of me is substantial. Even if this part of me has emerged within me, she is all around just as she wants. She is the dragon.

What if someone close to you is getting harmed, don't you take action to help her of him? 

I understand that (S)he is the creator of all things that happened to her/him. 

It doesn't mean that I am not there for the one hurting. Often the one that is harming is the one hurting the most. 

I am there with my compassion only. The energy of compassion is the energy of balance, and this is the energy of high-quality love.

Can everyone have compassion?

Everyone Is compassion; it is a body on its own.

Someone is born with this integrated others to learn as they go. And will embody it sooner or later. 

But everyone can practice compassion.

How do you do that? 

You start practice on having acceptance for everything.

The easiest way and the most robust way is to have that for self all the way. To not send out energies to others but to stay with yourself along the way as you are having reactions to different happenings. 

That itself can be a challenge sometimes,  to begin with, and it gets more and more accessible as you see how nurturing it is for you, and the world.

Compassion is the grand key to the way out of the wheel we have been living in since eons. You ARE compassion; it is something you indeed are. 

What do you mean about not sending out energy to others? 

By that, I mean that as soon as you stop sending out your energies, you are ending all kinds of manipulation even if it is done in the best meaning. 

What about them that is doing healing practices? 

It is healers that know how not to manipulate energies. They are few, but they can help you to see where you are stuck by working with you to open up to see it for yourself. They can by telepathy and give images to you to help you and support you when you do the release yourself. They can help you with your Dreamtime, or when you are awake, to do dream walks with you. Or they can support you when you consciously are breathing into the discomfort of the issue. 

That is the awakened healer. 

Wishful thinking, prayers, Chanting, and mental manipulations as decision making or ceremonies are not of the new energies. And can conflict you even more. 

Mind and heart have two different pathways. The mind will keep you searching; The heart will liberate you. 

How do we know how to find the right healer then?

Only by understanding that you need no fixing if you feel to be supported, you can ask your higher self to guide you to the right one for you. Most often, you will lead yourself to the divine within you; here, it is no wounds and nothing to fix. Sometimes you will attract the one that can support you. 

What if people are sending me healing energies I didn't ask for?

That is what people do all the time, they pray for you, they want the best for you, and they want to support you, without you asking them, without even you feeling it is no reason for doing so.

This is how we maintain the energy of victimhood - The one that Need.. It does not support the hero that you truly are... 

 You have done that a lot yourself, haven't you? 

Yes, that is true. But I do not do that any longer without anyone asking. I mean giving advice and stuff like that without one asking. 

This is what we have done for centuries. It is so typical to support without being asked to do so. I am glad you have got this, that you stopped it. It stopped being done towards you at the same time. And you feel the difference. 

As soon as you manage all your energies yourself, you will notice that you will not attract any healing or energy sent from anyone. If so, it goes directly back to the sender. You will feel it at once. You see. You will be so used to know what's yours that you will recognize it pretty fast. 

I have, for a long time, been aware of who I am hanging with on a daily basis, even if the human is "alone" we are many different souls spending time together. We are " invisible,"  and many of us are now "under the radar" it still feels strange to me that we know who's the energy that surrounds us, and yet so obvious and natural. It has always been so, But when the mind is going, you will go deeper into the heart of who you are, and here it is a very different perspective. 

For a long time, we can be together as a group or a collective. 

I can feel who I am close to and who's in the room with me. I also know when we are changing companionship and is interacting with someone else. 

I know when someone is having a conversation with me deep within my heart. And I can go wherever I want using the hearts eye or the lens of my heart. 

Sometimes we are soring together in the same space in the ocean of self, enjoying each other's company. But I also do that a lot on my own. 

A friend of mine and I are dream-walking into paintings into the landscapes of a painting; 

she loves to hang around in the room as I am painting, the energy in the room here is very clear and open as I the human self is enjoying my soul at work, and also the inner dreaming and conversations that have no words but a sphere of conscious expansion. We both love to be directly in contact with pure-hearted with and without a body. 

She likes the soothing feeling, and she told me to ask me to leave if I rather want to be alone, but the truth we love to hang out in this type of energy together. Sometimes I am looking so forward to paint because I am excited to have her visiting me.

Another soul-friend loves to hang out with me as I walk in the forest, We are deeply present together, and we don't talk at all, we just smile and radiate.  

Masters are celebrating each other we do not always agree with one another, and that's all fine as we know that nothing is right or wrong. We do not take sides or correct each other. But we do discuss. 

Can you look into where my energy to abundance is blocked? She kept on asking if it was about her being worthy or not? 

Already then I knew that you created this feeling of blocking because of this question, as far as I could see you had no blocking to abundance, as abundance is to me the acceptance of all that you are. You are grand, and you are truly abundant, you have so much free energy, and all you need to do is to access it. 

Your mind keeps on trying to understand what abundance is, and sometimes is telling her what it is and is not, that is very confusing. 

It is much better to let go of the focus and just open the arms and welcome the abundant truth.

That is something entirely different than a brand-new car, money on the bank, and a dream house. 

( I more see that as the Merlin self )  

Free energy has no concepts; free energy is just free — an excellent inner flow from top to toe and beyond

The satisfying feeling of thriving.

 Very abundant, indeed. 

(I know that you see that you were always was abundant when you read this.) 

 (I promise you that my human does not feel this energy all the time, but she is very much here in the free energy body as we write this, or when she loose time in painting or is soring) 

Let us talk about food intolerances, stuck energy in the guts, bloated belly, and all those things.

A bloated belly is how I see it the same as holding back energy, not allowing it to flow through. Here it is a need to let go of the habit of matching ( tolerate )  energies from the surrounds. 

It is magical when we learn how not to drop ourselves to match other energies. But to stay with our own  energy, in situations where it feels better/easier to fit in.

Helpful thoughts is; it is no one like me, and no one that can be me. And also turn that around. I might lose some connections ( friends) in doing this, and it is indeed good. 

Energy movement is about to let energies go, to get to the energy I want the most, the energy that leads me to be FULL OF ME. It can also be useful for making food changes. To kinesiology, test what I should eat instead of trying to figure out what I should not eat. I can always let my mastermind take over the steering wheel. 

(Something that helped me a lot with my digestion and my bloated belly was a spoon of flaxseed oil before breakfast now and then.)

To have a body and to embody and to let go of a lot, is not for the faint-hearted. It is many things we need to adjust to in the new. And the more we embody the more responsibility we take. 

Yet so many more things to celebrate. 


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